Being Beautiful

If you have read this blog for awhile, you will know my beliefs on beauty. Recently, i have come to see the other side of the coin. What is beautiful anyways? What makes a person beautiful? Why do we throw this word around so much in today’s society as a means of flattery but few truly mean it ? 

I get called beautiful on a regular basis, I also get called fat or ugly or whatever else people are throwing around. Does beauty have to do with the timbre of your laugh or the cadence of your words? If we truly listened to what everyone had to say about us, we would be going mad in the process. Some people might hate your dress some people love it. Some think your smile is beautiful some hate it.

What’s interesting is that the paradigm for beauty is quite individualized yet our paradigm for say, generosity is almost always universal.  We can all agree that a sunset is beautiful but we can never think that everyone is good looking. What our perception is defines how we see the world. The problem is when we factor in others, we tend to get a distorted sense of self.

In a society where women can be objectified or self objectified and place all of their worth on beauty, it can be a confusing concept. A girl dresses to please someone, but is labelled a slut in the process. A girl is dressed comfortably yet it is not flattering. It is interesting that things which were once practical as clothes can give a whole new definition based on how you are wearing them. Social cues give ideas of what a person is like purely based on what they are wearing.


Materialism and the Paradox of choice videos

” Research shows that the more you consume the more unhappy you are….”

We are faced with a constant barrage of choices which overwhelm us, consume us and create a growing anxiety to be ahead of the game