The Power of Time

Unity and Love
Illustration by Maryam.

Lately, I have been pondering on the concept of time. Sometimes time itself, the idea of lost opportunities can cloud our vision. At times we feel compelled to live backwards, at times it i
imprisons us in schedules, meetings, deadlines and due dates. Time can constrain us and limit us but it can also cause a certain amount of organization to our life. Time is slow when you are young but scarily goes quite fast when you are old. Time slows and thickens our eyelids. Time can also make things seem better in hindsight.  

Time can encapsulate a certain moment. When you hear a song, smell a certain aroma , when you feel a certain shoe. There you are whooshing back to the time you put on your favorite jacket freshman year or the way you looked as the moonlight spilled out on your friend’s faces.

Time is also a mirage. There are things which surpass time, like our Spirit, and God and love. Love can only deepen with time , even if it is no longer the same kind of love we had before.  If we truly love something it goest with us when we die… where time doesn’t really exist anymore. 

Our concept of time can also be different from culture to culture. How quickly we lead our lives, how much we care about losing time, how much of a time span goes from one thing to the next.  Sometimes, it can cause cultural misunderstandings.


Somehow, in this day and age we have become impatient. We measure things in term of how fast something is, how it takes less time it is somehow efficient. We can no longer sit through the movies that our grandparents used to watch which had a slower pace. We cannot possibly wait more than one minute for a song to download.  And this impatience, this anxiety becomes something that imprisons us.  We no longer are able to just live, rest , breathe. Drink in. Something is always in the way , we find that life has to have some meaning, or something has to be done to pass the time.

I spend too much time waiting, too much time trying to not be bored. I spend less time efficiently than I should.  I grow weary of the grey hairs on my head and think about time past.

We are strong with Time. We use it selfishly, only with the things that matter to us or our loved ones. We use time to be responsible. But very rarely do we use time to do things that benefit people other than ourselves.

And we try to barter with time, we try to stop time we try to steal time. We try our best for others to make time for us. We make time for what we love but we make excuses to make time for what we hate or are afraid of. Giving time to someone you love is the best and most precious gift.
People tell me they don’t have time to read. For that I say, I make time to read while I wait in line, while I am in the bathroom and the bath. I read in the car, I read in the train and in the airport and airplane. I read before I go to bed. I read because I make time for it. Because I love it.
The most painful thing is when we can’t love someone enough to make time for them. I wrote this poem about a boy who could never make time for me, so I stole a second of his time. I wish I had known that I was worth more than a second. In the end, time belongs to no one but God ( if you are religious) and the universe.

( this poem was originally in spanish and flows better in that language sorry!)
The Stolen Second

” If I had the power”
I wondered on a blue striped day
I would rob all your time
I would put you in a universe
Where you exist everywhere and nowhere
And your time would be only mine.
( It was originally in spanish so it makes more sense like that)

But you would be able to come sing unto my windowsill
But if I robbed your time
How could I know how you extend your wings
How could you distinguish the pulsating colors ?
The sun would not paint your song
This is selfish, it is not you
No that time is not mine, but yours..

In a restless night by the moonlight beam
I had a wild solution
I would steal a second
Just a second
Which is yours, only yours.

A little speck,
That second to be placed in the most hidden secret balcony
And in the secret of my secret I would keep it

That second
So that you would not forget me in the universe
A fragment , a thread
Half a note of a song

Would you feel sadness over it’s loss?
Or the business of life would make you unable to remember
Beloved, treasured second
For it is no longer yours, but mine

A second containing the salt
And the breezes of memory
Nostalgia’s perfume
Experiences , sadness
Thinned wings in the infinite cosmos
A voice in the crowd
High tide, low, tranquil turqouise
Chaotic, undefined , perpetual
Molded, transformative
And inside, so inside when you see it
You can feel
The taste of melancholy
The frenetic energy
A song of the soul
Because it is not just yours, but mine

Just one second,
Writing blunder inconsistencies
No direction
With no known knowledge
Big impulsive solid heart
Palpitating in a perpetual rhythm
Constructing experience in marble towers

Second, beloved second
I sang you songs of time
So that you would not mourn the loss of your brothers
But it useless… in vain..
That second… what second?
It disperses like feathers
Because it was never mine, but yours

That second, small second, fragile second
That dies like an orchid
Without being able to feed itself with your memory
And your spiritual battles
And the launch of your neurons
And the beating of your heart
Time does not freeze…
It dies indistinct, in shadow.

And it’s ghost, that flies into the stars
To the cusp of the universe
Because it was never mine, or yours,
It was always of Another

It becomes something else,
That transcends the wall of time,
As the drum of it’s beat is heard
The most secret of secrets
Is enveloped inside a sacrifice
Phoenix, of a sweet voice,
That stretches to the sky, Venus,
Escaping in dreams,
IN laughter,
In the infinite waves

And in that second another is born
And another, and another, and another
Life without life
Stars of the same Sky
The Beauty reflected in a soul
Divine Eternity
The cosmos without cosmos
Because the end has no end
Because it was never mine, or yours,
It was always of Another.

Enjoy this RSA animate cartoon about the secret powers of time which inspired this post.


Reexamining the Paradigm Shift of Religion and Science

The only way we can possibly all come together is by changing our current concepts of how we see the world. The time has come to break paradigms , and to redefine our current definitions of things are.  We need to have a serious paradigm shift in order for anything to get done.

What the heck is a paradigm anyway?  It describes distinct concepts or thought patterns in any scientific discipline or other epistemological context. ( According to wikipedia ). What it basically means is that we have certain concepts that we all have that we believe to be truths, and we stick to it until something comes along to challenge that paradigm and we adopt new ones. What makes it dangerous is how defines how we see the world, and our behavior as well. While we are not conscious of it, it is how we define a known reality. Paradigms are a bit like an internet meme, it spreads like wildfire without really having a clear idea how it started. In this day and age, we just naturally take things on as truth without knowing necessarily WHY  this is the case.

But paradigms does not have to contain truth, they are merely a way or a tool for us to make sense of the world. And our current paradigms are seriously messing with our heads. Our concept of religion, spirituality, men and women, education , relationships,etc are all following dated paradigms which I believe no longer work.  In the next couple of posts I am going to explain this a bit further ( or more like explain what I have learned from other people haha)

There is a reason why we live our lives in constant contradiction and fragmentation.  Our values at work, in how we treat others, in the world around us is consistently clashing, and this drives us to be a little like this :


How we choose a paradigm is sometimes arbitrary

A theory is tested, people adopt it and then consider it to be truth. Usually, though, it has more to do with the fact that it is what the majority believes than anything logical. In the advent of pseudo science this becomes even more evident. We follow a paradigm merely on the assumption that ” medical experts say so” . We believe science to be infallible and the truth. Actually, science has a lot to do with faith and has elements in common with religion.
Within our society, we think of certain concepts with a certain defnition, and a lot of times it is based on a historical assumption that this is how we should see things. However, perception is a tricky thing and at times how we define things might differ from one person to the next even if the ” concept” is clear to us.
Let’s take a very controversial topic : religion.

For Atheists : Religion is something that has caused great harm to our society, and has given way for men to force their views on others, wars, adopting falsehood and superstition, among other things.

If you consider their point of view, it’s not exactly wrong. In the name of religion , people have caused great harm and corruption. But was it really religion or the men behind it? I highly doubt that the Manifestations of God advocated superstition over investigating the truth, war and hate over love and service. All of them lead Their lives dedicated to others.

Religion, like science , is not static, but changes with action and reflection evolving constantly over time. The basis of it will remain the same, just as there are scientific principles which do not change however become sophisticated over time through investigation as does religion.

And what is spirituality? Spirituality adheres to a core belief that we all have virtues inside us. They are not material, we cannot bottle them but they are vital for our growth as human beings . When we increase our capacity to love others, others benefit and grow with this. When we increase our intellectual abilities with a desire to care for others, it has positive instead of detrimental effects in us.

When we think that we have a spiritual side, we will exploit those basic core values. Laughter, happiness, strength of love , generosity are all spiritual in nature. But this is not a spirituality that sits down and meditates all day without taking action. It is through going to serve others in some way that we increase our spiritual nature. It is by giving up our self to the benefit of others. By tossing aside the competitive nature so plagued by our current society we can progress spiritually. By deepening on what

I give this example but there are thousands more… we need to believe that our current notion of certain core concepts in our lives need to be redefined. There are basic parts of our lives that follow a broken model. Our concept of what family means, what religion is about, our concept of spirituality and the meaning of our lives. We blindly follow a set of archaic rules which no longer have any reason for being so. We need to start questioning why we do the things we do. We are living our lives surrounded by dichotomies , and it causes us to have split personalities. We need to have some balance in our lives. What’s true is that we need to grow as a society, and try to do it together by sharing our common beliefs and virtues.

The Nature of Religion