London Surprises

The thing about London is that it always has the ability to surprise you. It is almost a week since I came to London to visit friends, and you can easily get sucked into the frantic energy of the city. London is a city packed with possibilities, rife with twists and turns and small little pockets of subcultures. Where else but London would you find a girl covered in mud sitting next to a middle aged woman carrying a gerbil cage and a woman covered in muslim headress? Where else would you find a fantastic array of languages , colours and eclectic tastes?
Today I walked with my friend Sahar, who is a hat designer in a park called the ” Graveyard Park” it was, literally a park of graves with weird twisting trees. It was pouring with rain and we crossed a little meadow filled with wild flowers, poppies and weeds. I was wet, as usual but amazed at this small discovery. In the afternoon , I walked past the giant Tower of London, home to where Anne Bolelyn was sentenced and killed and then strolled through the London Bridge to get to a museum on Louboutins….
But London is also a city which can suck you dry. It is constantly swarming with people, and simple things like going from one station to another is almost an impossible feat with the more complicated than it has to be Subway system. In comparison to the green fields and rolling meadows of Scotland, or the beautiful spiritual paradise of Haifa Israel it is a bit of a culture shock. I have always slightly feared London, she is the cooler sister I wish I could be. I always lived in the outskirts of London, never totally inside. Everyone is always rushed in London. Rushing to the Tube, rushing to the bus, rushing to the street. Someone told me that in New York City there is always a false sense of urgency. Perhaps many big cities have the same feeling ( Definitely not Madrid that is for sure!!)

Well London, I hope you keep surprising me tommorrow…


Sketch Experiment : Snippets of London

Last year in London, while I was reading about how we fragment our lives and become entrenched in individualism, I started to madly sketch people. These are very rough sketches because my interactions with them lasted minutes. The thing is, we are constantly encountering people during our day, yet we act like they don’t exist. In London, so many people just find a way to tune out from the millions of people around them. Something funny happened though. When I started to sketch people started to look around them a bit more. It was funny. I am going to share some of these but bear in mind they aren’t that good, but that’s sort of the point. It reminds me of how everyone has a story just like I wrote in this post

This man was Palestinian , and we were in the train for quite a long time. He did not look up once. There was something very interesting about his features.

This one was snippets of things I saw on my forty minute Train ride. It was just snippets but the woman sleeping was beautiful, with a huge afro and model features.

This is more what I imagined people see fleetingly

I wonder how many people randomly flash through your head that are the summary of all the people you encounter during the day.

This kid was cool, but also so quintessentially sums up the English experience on the Tube.

Sketches of girl in Waterloo station
A sad girl in the Northern Line in London

This girl was sad and vulnerable. No one noticed.

His eyes seemed to pierce right through me

I don’t remember who he was, but clearly his eyes are striking.

The man in Waterloo Station, Costa Coffee. He had a crisp white shirt, and flowing silver hair
The boy spent the whole time staring adoringly at his girlfriend. It was adorable.