Trolling Behind the mask of anonymity

For a couple of years, we have seen the Troll slowly become more and more powerful in our daily society. This year, especially seems to be the year of the Troll. People have become emboldened to hurt others because they see it yields results.

When I wrote this piece a couple years ago I didn’t truly understand teh depths of cyber bullying and trolling and how brutal it can be.   There is something altogether sinister about trolling , the person who is attacked ceases to be anything other than a target to do harm.  Armed with an army of trolls, together they can try to bring down entire population of people. They hack into websites, telephones, steal privacy, find phone numbers, and try to find the biggest underbelly of their vulnerability.

And the question is… why? I’ve been livestreaming for a year and  ever since I started  I have noticed the high toll of trolls come my way. As more and more people became attracted to watching my Periscope, so came the trolls in droves. Initially it flabbergasted me, and it saddened me not for myself but for the young kids I knew they were targeting as well.

The Troll is consumed by jealousy, of seeing the world in Black and White and trotting the world with their own personal agenda. There have been several different kind of ” trolls” that invade my space, and as a writer and an observer of human nature I found it all really fascinating… What made these people waste their time trying to bring others down? Did they feel empowered by their anonymity? Did they feel stronger by doing so?


The Mean Girls

These trolls baffle me the most. These girls are beautiful, skinny, young… they have everything going for them so why do they come into my livestream to call me ” an overstuffed pig” when I am doing makeup? What compells them to take time out of their day to do this?  They are still young, and believe that their beauty makes them invincible.  Perhaps they do this as an attention tactic, as a way to get views for themselves. Perhaps they do it for a reaction. There is something to be said about young female millenials who have been born with a smartphone attached to themselves. All they know is social media, and external validation. But this is a crumbling facade, filled with pink tinged filters and flawless makeup skills. Underneath, in the dark when all the lights have gone out you cannot deny the loneliness that creeps inside you. There is an anger that comes in the way they lash out on me. Sometimes they bring their friends, a posse of mean girls to say things and point and laugh. We live in a society that makes memes out of fat people, who takes photographs of people without them knowing in Wal Mart stores. There is a message ” She’s not me. ” Once, a young girl came in when we were dancing salsa. She was fat herself and she had invited her friends to make fun of me. This truly flabbergasted me, but I wondered if she herself was being bullied… if somehow she turned on me so she would not be the focus for once.

Trolls rarely are original either. Most of them say the same phrases over and over, or try things on for shock value.  I have seen these type of ” Mean Girls’ from every country imaginable : Mexico, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, El Salvador , England, United States…  They are also secretly, the ones I believe eventually are curious and become your follower ( most of the time through a different username). In the end, they are curious : How is it that a fat girl is confident enough to show her face in front of hundreds of people? Why isn’t she hiding away in the shadows? I hope they learn something from it  and I can give away the secret : Real confidence comes from who you are and not what you look like.

The Political Trolls

Everyone has an agenda, especially in today’s political climate. It’s a messy world, one that contains a lot of people who are invested in being ” right”. With the rise of the Alt Right and White Nationalists, this has become even more apparent. When I was livestreaming from El Salvador I would get an onslaught of people telling me that ” All Mexicans should be burned”… that I was a ” traitor to the white race” and that ” multiculturalism is death”.

They basically repeat the same talking points over and over. They bring in their army to try intimidate you. What’s scary is that this behavior is now being rewarded.  These people live in willful ignorance, and while as a Bahai I tried to reason with them that unity in diversity, that all immigrants are not the cause of the problems in America, that women aren’t crazy SJW’s… but the truth is they don’t want to change. They are hanging unto the change of the river and choosing to stay there. I refuse to believe they will win in the end. I am not a political person, but as you all have read throughout the years I believe in social justice. This is the one type of troll that can truly affect me . Not for me, but for all the poor people listening to their hate. When I decided to livestream about what to do for immigrants who might be deported in America, I had 13k people come into my Periscope, many of which were spewing out the worst amount of hate speech imagineable.  With this type of people it’s best to not engage at all.


The predator trolls.
These trolls are concerned with one thing and one thing only, trying to get women naked objectify and humiliate women . They feel empowered by saying the most disgusting things imagineable because they hide behind a veil of anonymity. What is baffling is that there are tons of places these people can go for that, but it’s almost as if they feel emboldened by people’s refusal.


The Trolls who do it out of Boredom

These trolls are the most baffling : they truly take glee on making others people hurt. There’s a disconnect behind what they do in real life and the fact that people are real behind the screen.  All the rage , frustration and hurt is vented on people they don’t know and they won’t ever know. The dichotomy of a life which embodies people who readily have jobs, children, school, mothers and sisters yet say the most heinous things imagineable is only a testament to a society which gleefully engages in the humiliation of others. Is this not an extension of an audience who gleefully watches Reality shows and sees peoples suffer? This has been going on for centuries, ever since the Romans watched the Christians being consumed by lions.


Words have power only if you give it power.  I choose not to engage with these trolls or to become enraged by them. When I die, I want to have died and led a meaningful life. I want to see the people who made my life give me purpose. I want to be a light in the darkness , a tiny speck in  the evening sky ready to fly with other lights. I don’t want to embrace a darkness, to humiliate, to give in to rage or hurt. These words are not mine but theirs. They are hurt human beings who choose to live a life where they think hurting others is a source of entertainment. They hold no place in my life.

One person told me I was a rhinoceros . I told him he was right. Rhinos are big , beautiful with thick skin who charge head first into the wilderness. There is nothing painful about being called an animal,  animals would never treat anything the way trolls do. Embrace who you are and rise above like the sun .



One thought on “Trolling Behind the mask of anonymity

  1. The great value in being a troll, a dick, a jerk, is that people don’t like you — but, this time, it’s your choice. If you don’t know how to be liked, or if you think you’re unlikable, you might like to be disliked on your own terms.

    Pretty-girl trolls? Imagine the pressure, which I sense comes from mom and dad, more than anything else. Daddy likes pretty girls, and mommy (having married him) tells her girls that they have to be pretty. Not that they *are* pretty, but that they must perpetually work to earn being pretty, today, and good luck tomorrow. And here you are, not what mom and dad call pretty, with all those followers, from the sincere to the openshowbobbers. What to do when your entire worldview is shown to be bullshit? Double down on the bullshit, and attack. Such an empty, self-hating existence.

    But nothing to do with “social media,” no, women have eaten each other forever and a day.

    Something I often see is that trolls will get noticed. I’ve tried engaging people on Periscope, but some people scoping get caught up responding to the trolls, and I can’t get any attention from not-trolling.

    I would also note Randy Newman’s “I Just Want You to Hurt Like I Do.”

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