Why are young teens getting naked over the internet?

I didn’t have a smartphone for a long time.  Now that I have one I am shocked to see how much the world has changed. There is a definite shift where young teens are sharing naked pictures/ half naked pictures of themselves to grown adults. They are soliciting sex over the internet as well.

I have gotten many undesired messages from numerous apps from my phone from young teenagers and I am shocked. Why are young boys and girls doing this? Why are they purposely putting themselves in danger ? We are a society who has harbored girls who dress provocatively at a very young age far before they can ever know that what they are doing and it’s consequences. They mimic adult behavior and what they see on television.  

This scares me. More than even the thought of my gypsy girls getting married at 14. What are these kids doing? Why ? Are most of them victims of abuse or is it because we are raising an oversexualized society that uses kids like they are disposable wads of cash … making little Lolita’s who lack any ability to interact socially with others? 

I am really scared.  What will become of these girls? Will they be marked by their mistakes for the rest of their lives ? Will they just forget ? Will this set a paradigm of self objectification and being a victim of a rape culture? Will it affect their marriages and their relationships with their children?
Are there any studies being down about this? Has there been any conclusions? If anyone knows please let me know in the comment section.

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