The Concept of Happiness

At times we become so entrenched in our own sadness, that it’s harder to see the joy around us. And even if we know that this is not supposed to happen, we can burrow ourselves in it even longer. At times, a voice can become louder than others, it is a tiny voice but it becomes louder over time. This voice can cause us to impede our own self worth and development.

What can be forgotten is how there are thousands of people feeling the same exact sense of hopelessness .  A friend of mind told me, ” God doesn’t stop loving you or loving you less if you are not one of the people who are with it”.

I guess it’s easy to feel happiness when you have things to feel happy about. But the true ingrained sense of happiness comes from within, deep in your spirit and soul. It comes from watching others smile, serving others and rising above things.

BUt it is so easy to forget. We are children of the half light. Surrounded by negativity, insane standards of how our lives should be…. We turn on social media sites and we see hundreds of pictures of happy people in exotic locales. We are so connected to people but yet we can also be so alone. And we feel that we have to put on this face of happiness because it is what is expected.

But if we do not allow ourselves to feel pain than we are not allowing ourselves to experience true happiness.  If we do not accept who we are today then we cannot possibly come to terms of who we are in the future.
And this has nothing to do with what we are doing, who we are with and how much money we have. We have to accept and come to terms with that person inside that if they have none of these things, they are still amazing human beings.



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