TED Video : Why domestic victims don’t leave

I love this video because it delineates how abusive relationships happen gradually, this happens when you romanticize the Bad Boy. THIS is the real reality which those romantic books and films do not acknowledge. By thinking we can change someone or tolerate erratic behavior you are putting yourself at crazy risk.



4 thoughts on “TED Video : Why domestic victims don’t leave

  1. Her story mirrors my story so closely. Wow. I didn’t realize how typical this story is! Thanks for bringing attention to such an important issue. It took me a lot of years to stop romanticizing the “bad boy”.

    1. Yeah, I know. It’s scary untold stories around the world…. I was lucky that what happened to me was never so severe, but it sucks when people think women get into it thinking that they are stupid doormats… it’s just much more complicated than that.

      1. Absolutely it’s more complicated. It’s strange because usually these same women watched their own mothers go through the same thing. I did. Years later, when I went through it myself, with someone I’m STILL not over (but have moved on from), my mother asked me Why I would just lay down and let myself be abused. She asked what kind of mother I was to allow my daughters to see me be abused. Wow. I had to refresh her memory and tell her that I learned everything I knew from her! However, it made me realize that I didn’t want my daughters to become victims themselves and I made him leave soon after. Thank God mine didn’t end in death. I know so many others do.

  2. If at all we can change some one , then it is only me as only my acts are under my control but through our acts, we can definitely impress someone to the level where the person is motivated enough to decide to change him/herself.
    This can happen only if we practically “Live by examples” and there is no difference in my words and acts.

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