My Emo Poems

We all have emo moments, and this is how I take care of mine.  I only put a couple… I have a LOT. Image lot



Sadness envelops crystallized memories

Sometimes, if you look too close

You can drown in them

Sometimes ghosts are more real than what is in you

Sometimes your life,

This life, this ordinary lonely and solitary life

This life without embraces and without smiles

This life without conversations of your inner

Ballerninas dancing in the sun

Restlessly trying to break free from rusted cages

These voices which are quiet

Like the edges of the sand, not yet reaching the ocean

These words falling like rain

Deep into the winds

I do not know where they go

Or who it reaches , or who it touches

But this loneliness , it creeps up at me

It feeds on my despair

This loneliness, this dreamless void

I feel so apart

Shores away from the laughter,

As I wait for people to see me here

Slow and still on the erect surface

Covering up the salt with my feet


Yet this loneliness,

This strength

Feeds up the abyss

I found my voice, which is not ebbed beneath

A web of my perceived approval

Which did not try to go out of their way to please

This voice,

IT is small at first

But it has quickened pulse

It laughs like a demon on fire

It’s spirit soaring forth



This voice

I fell in love with this voice

And my Creation

And try not to feel the dull ache of my Aloneness

As I hear beyond all the voices which cover the earth in it’s meadowed oceanic magnetic splendor.


The Taste of Paper

I hear the song of the cientelas

I listen to it’s breathe

Among the graveyard dust

The abysmal mould of What Was


Now that Buried Deep Inside

In hearts chained of yesterday

I see you as you were,

A figure dissolving in time and space

Fragile like foam

Your hands stones to keep me still

Those memories fog my vision

Tentative like a small delicate blue flower

I question the memory of your words

Now that they are like paper…

Impenetrable. Transparent.

I feel nothing…

Just a faded nostalgia

The mirage of roses and butterflies

That used to creep unto my window

Oigo el canto de los cientelas

Escucho tu respiración

Entre el polvo del cementerio

El musgo abismal de lo que fue


Ahora que ya hace latente

En corazones encadenados al ayer

Te miro

Como eras antes

Una figura melodiosa disolviendose en el tiempo y el espacio

Frágil como la espuma

Callado, tus manos piedras para detenerme


Estos recuerdos nublan mi vision

Tenue como una flor delgada y azul

Ahora cuestiono mi memoria de tus palabras


Ahora que ya estas hecha de papel

Transparente, impenetrable

No siento nada

Solamente una nostalgia guardada

Por la vision de mariposas y rosas

Que antes se asomaba a mi ventana


The Suit

There was a suit lying on the grass

The Owner had taken a swim

And left it to care with another

The greedy goblin

Could not wait to try it on


The Suit was floppy

And was too big

IT was naïve

And held great emptiness inside

The suit was bloody

So he changed it

And dressed it up in orange

And white

And tried on a thousand different voices

And fixed it up in a thousand different hairdos

And tried to live through a thousand different make believe

But the suit

Was stretched

And the beauty was edging away

And it was but a mask of it’s former self


When the owner returned

She found the suit ragged

With disuse

Trying it on

She had to find a way to walk again


Here and Everywhere

I sat there.. here


In a tattered piece of space

My life expands wider than I thought

As I let go of the dust 

And hang on to the last of the butterflied sunset

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