Wingeyes Reviews : The Power of Quiet

I have been reading this book, Quiet by Susan Cain.  I also went over her talk for one of my english conversation classes and find her perspective incredibly refreshing.  It begs to review our previous notions on what constitutes intelligence , good ideas and notions of following those good ideas.

The author begs us to question : Why do we follow the person who speaks the best even if it has no correlation on whether they offer the best solution? Why are we so focused on group dynamics that we do not allow time for solitude? Why is a preference for reading and being alone considered a bad thing?

I am generally considered to be extroverted. I talk a LOT. I have no problems making friends and I tend to do o.k. in public speaking.  But life isn’t that simple. I love being by myself , I prefer working alone and need space after having too many people around me all the time as if it has zapped my energy.

I don’t think we are one thing or the other, but in today’s society focused on individualistic narcissism we are forced to put on a show on how we SHOULD be acting instead of just being ourselves. Showing our talents, working together and not being forced to act a certain way because it fits a mold.

We should work together, but we should also allow those small pockets of space where we can allow those combined thoughts to flourish. I guess we shouldn’t be afraid also to put things out in the world as well. There are so many things that I hold back on … ideas and creations and I am not even sure why. 


I highly recommend this book, I am sure some of you have already read it but it is easy to follow and very thought provoking. It has a nice non judgemental tone to it, but urges us to reevaluate how we encourage certain behaviors in the past and in the future.

One thought on “Wingeyes Reviews : The Power of Quiet

  1. My hubby is extremely introverted and in a group setting he probably will not say much. It is not because he does not want to, but he will not over talk others, even though they have no problem doing that to him. That is just how he is. But knowing that he has a lot of good ideas, if I am around, I will purposely quiet the others to give him a chance to speak. It has taught me that some times the extreme extroverts have to look for the quietest person in the group and find a way too draw them out. They might hold the key to having the best resolution for whatever is being discussed.

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