Instead of Buying stuff we can…

1. Hug a child. Listen to their crazy stories and be inspired by them.
2. Hug a dog . Nothing like the feeling of wet salty kiss on the cheek. A dog’s unconditional love knows no bounds.
3. Write a letter , make your own card or do something that is tangible and people can keep in dusty shoe boxes years later.
4. Make a painting, learn how to sing, celebrate art and be your own individual artistic self
5. Learn how to make a shirt. This might be hard, but see above
6. Instead of finding the next new phone, wait until the actual old phone doesn’t work. Or better yet, make a visit to someone in person with some cookies and catch up without texting someone while we are doing it.
7. Show someone how much you love them with anything other than stuff.
8. Say hello to your neighbor, offer to help.
9. Laugh. It’s never overrated
10. Go out on a bike and find a park, sit down on the sun and drink up the world.
11. Find a daisy in the sidewalk and put it in your favorite book to remind you that beauty grows in the most unlikeliest of places.
12. Make a scrapbook with your photos, postcards and ticket stubs.

Just imagine all the time we can save by doing those little things everyday. I am including myself in this. I spend way too much time in front of screens , so this week I am going to spend a day doing one of these things and ( yes I get the irony) blog about it.


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