The Power of Beauty

Someone told me today , as we saw the preposterously tall high heels of Christian Louboutin, that beauty’s purpose is to simply be beautiful. Beauty can inspire others to action. Beauty is mysterious, it hits the senses in a way that transcends human description. Artists spend their lives trying to capture the feeling of beauty, and thus become enamoured by it’s allure.
Yet the power of beauty, like all things can be distorted. Beauty can disintegrate, it is ephemeral. A shoe, a painting, a sunset will all fade away eventually. What remains , though is the feeling that it evoked in us. The silent printed memory that stamps into our psyche and dissolves into us. This is what is magically irresistible.
Perhaps we don’t just let beauty be what it is : Beauty. But is beauty a result of something else ? A flower, a peacock, a star…all have purposes aside from being beautiful. It is only artificial beauty which does not have a specific purpose.

My brain hurts, adieu my lovely readers.


One thought on “The Power of Beauty

  1. You know… for some reason I think: all and none of what you said is true! Beauty is definitely different in everyone’s eyes. What’s beautiful to me isn’t necessarily beautiful to you.
    To me even a sparrow is beautiful!
    But let’s say: High heels and expensive dresses aren’t… that’s what you call “superficial beauty”, where I agree.
    Maybe I’m wrong and others don’t agree with me – but that’s how I am.. and even though a sparrow and a lilly are beautiful to me… but Gucci and Armani aren’t… it still doesn’t keep me away from wearing Gucci sunglasses. LOL
    It’s a great post!! Very thoughtful!!

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