Goodbye Madrid

For some reason, I always end up at a time in a place where major events have just happened and are happening. I don´t seek them out, they just sort of find me. But here´s the truth about any natural disaster/financial crisis/ sport event/ wedding/ protest or riot : Most people just continue on with their lives and for the most part remain unfazed.
Human beings are remarkably adjustable and malleable. We can adapt to even the most dire situations. There is a search for little elements of normalcy which permeate even the most abnormal situations.
The economic strife that Spain is going through has certainly taken it´s toll on everyone. But yet, the streets are still bustling with activity even at 2 in the morning on a weekday. People still go out and eat, and laugh and are with their families. Life goes on… even when they don´t know how they will find a job tommorrow.
So many of my friends are currently unemployed, but the solution is now to go back to university and learn a new field. Most of the universities are offering scholarships to go back to school, and some people are readily taking them.
I know the situation is bleak right now, but I love Madrid so much. Despite the fact that my time here was so bittersweet…
Madrid… I am always reminded of the expression ” You were never mine you were only borrowed for a time”. I tried so hard to remain here, but every power on this earth was making it increasingly harder to stay. Madrid is a lot like that popular, beautiful and funny girl you always wanted to make friends with in high school. She was always friendly, but you never quite got that invitation to eat lunch or go out with her. I have so many friends that I leave behind, and I feel like somehow I wish there was a place that I could take them with me at all times. But we never know ” Las vueltas que da la vida” and maybe, somehow I can return. But for now, apparently, I give her back to their rightful owners. I turn away from the curved streets, and the terraces and windows, and the moonlight peeking out . I leave the soft strumming of the guitars and the bright spanish fans. I say goodbye to the taste of potatoes and eggs, and all the Spanish expressions I learned along the way… Adieu my beautiful Madrid till we meet again.
Tommorrow …London.


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