Fabric in Time : Poetry Blog part two

Here are some poems I have done throughout time. Some of them are inspired by Bahai writings, some are personal, some are accounts. I used to write much more poetry when I was younger.

Death white spreads the earthy ground
Darkness spread it’s icy fingers
Children stood forgetting
The wind a macabre funeral song
As moondrops dried up
In silence.
A traveler awakened
Waited for the raspy hollow of June
Traveling towards the End of
World. Time. Order.
A mighty happiness lay on His smile
A light danced in his eyes
The sweet fragrance dried the tears
In a whisper…Thief in the Night
He took from His knapsack tiny starlight

And with sweet breath
Into every home did the particles of light fly
Making dreams and smiles on child’s lips
Trust in the human’s sleep
And they woke
Barefoot in thumping raw footsteps
Saw dawn
Flashing in a thousand painted colors
Bursting in disarray emotion
Like winged angels fighting the night
Clear blue lightly cloaking the darkness

Miracle happened
Flowers budded in delighted freedom
Birds sang away melancholy
Grass shot through the rough bosomed earth.
Animals approached shyly
Lions lying with sheep
The sky lit up in ecclesiastical joy
The New Day had begun
Hope restored from it’s tomb.
For there are end in beginnings
But also
beginnings in ends.

Ghost of You
Age 19
I see the ghost of you
The edge of your woolen hat
In steamy congested buses

Cruder drawing I did when I was 18

I see you , tall figure
Walking amongst the crowd
A walking stork amongst rhinos

I see the ghost of you
The hint of your white peaked smile
You flash around me
In sausaged crowds

I see the ghost of you
Walking in ice cold sidewalks
I can almost hear your whisper
Or the barely there touch of your fingertips
I can almost see the tingle of your laughter

I can almost see me
Breaking away silent walls
And trespassing memories
And rearranging the scenes
So they fit a happy ending

I see the ghost of you
Awaken my congealed meaty heart
Taking it out of it’s rotted fridge

I see the ghost of you
Your pale silhouette
And my unspoken floats around you
Hovering like shy spaceships
Invading a known silent serenity

I see the ghost of you
And I can almost let myself feel
I feel it surround me
White billowing clouds
But as I turn around
You aren’t there
But some stranger with a coat that might have been

Footsteps aged 20

I send you my footsteps,
In rose petals and old ticket stubs
Withered in the rain
I sent in photographs
And small tokens
Hundred falling captive in the fleshed out
Wish is surrounded by a thousand weather beaten
All separating you from me

I send you these footsteps
Filled with words which open up like nested boxes
I send thse gifts
Which in time are meaningless
All for you not to be far away

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