Rediscovering Madrid

Second Leg of the Trip : Madrid
As I roamed through the streets of Madrid, I am marvelled how easy it is to go back to where I was. Things have changed, and quickly. But seeing the faces of people I have come to love, strolling through the winding curved streets and the terraces give me a unique sense of nostalgia. Gone are the reasons why I chose to leave, all that remains are the things I left behind. Am I always destined to regret leaving one place and lamenting being in another_? Shall I ever be content ? I wonder now if it is more to do with my own restraints than the true nature of who I am.
The in between living part is what makes life tricky. There are so many enigmas I never solved about Madrid like why do they put the shower nozzle off anytime they have a shower and you can never put it on? Why do they have lunch at 4 and dinner at 10?
You wouldn´t be able to tell that they are going through a financial collapse, as everyone seems for the most part happy go lucky. Children walking the streets at 12 pm, eating gelatto in the streets… nothing has changed in this regard.
Yet there has been other things that are visibly different. The project I was involved with has long gone under due to lack of resources. Yet this is not a failure, as they have applied what they learned about developing communities in a new neighborhood in Madrid.
Here are some pics of the last couple of days.

He appears to be on air, but there is a hidden compartment. It still takes a high degree of discipline to sit like that.

One thing about Madrid… there is always life at night, even on the weekdays

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