Wingeyes Weekly Picks : The Facebook Effect, An Idiot Abroad and Smoke Signals!



Best Hidden Gem : Smoke Signals

One of the few films directed , produced , acted and written by native americans. It is a personal tale of a boy named Victor who leaves the reservation in search of his father, who holds a terrible secret to his heart. It is the story of finding your way back to your roots , and exorcising your demons. 


My Name is Khan</p>


I saw this film the other day and was surprised as it was in Spanish … in El Salvador haha. It’s a beautiful film. It stars two of the most famous Bollywood stars in completely unexpected roles.  ( both actors are best known for kooch kooch hota hai) As a Muslim family , Khan has struggled all his life. He is now living in America when 911 strikes and is a victim of prejudices because he is Muslim. A great tragedy strikes, yet Khan chooses to forgive and show others that ” his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist…”


<p>Documentary of the week : The Corporation. Before Occupy Wall Street, before the 2008 housing crisis there was an amazing documentary which shows the dark side of consumption and greed.


BBC Series : The Story of Science

Ah, no one does documentaries like BBC. This one is no exception. It shows how some scientific paradigms do not have a set structure, and many of it is done by chance… and the birth of scientific discoveries is a fascinating exploration


Most Entertaining Travel Series : An Idiot Abroad

The unwilling star is Karl Pilkington, one of Ricky Gervais’ former colleagues and friends. He is a character, and ricky forces him to go on exciting locales in the most uncomfortable surroundings. A man who hates to travel is forced out of his comfort zones with incredibly amusing results. ( You have to get the tongue in cheek humor, none of it is to be taken too seriously). His naïve bafflement at the world’s diversity is incredibly funny. However, bear in mind when you are watching it that it probably does not fully reflect all that particular place has to offer.

Best Non Fiction Book : Bossypants

I am reading this one, but it’s a wonderfully humorous look at women in show business. Plus, I adore Tina Fey.


The Facebook Effect

This book analyzes the meteoric rise of Facebook and its subsequent effect it had on society. It shows with amazing candor, how things got out of hand pretty quickly and how it changed how we think and interact with one another. If you look at it from a critical standpoint the results seems pretty scary.


Best Classic : Bleak House, Anna Karenina and Tess of the Durbeyvilles

What can I say? I am a sucker for tragedy. And it makes me really, really glad I wasn’t born at that time.

1001 paintings to see before you die

I am never a fan of looking at a painting simply to say you have seen it but this book offers beautiful and well-informed reasons why you should see them.

1001 movies to see before you die

Good collection, and it doesn’t limit itself to just famous Hollywood films.

Most Impressive Buildings : Gaudi, Sagrada Familia

Talk about ahead of his time ( he died alone, unrecognizable and crazy) his buildings are so creative, imaginative and beautiful, a testament to how thinking out of the box can yield amazing results. The funky church, located in Barcelona is filled with light and is an ongoing materpiece , as elements of it have been constantly added unto throughout the years.



2 thoughts on “Wingeyes Weekly Picks : The Facebook Effect, An Idiot Abroad and Smoke Signals!

  1. I like your taste in entertainment! My Name is Khan is a wonderful film – completely unexpected, and one of the best films I’ve seen in the last few years. “Smoke Signals” is another wonderful film, and on a personal note, Adam Beach starred in a film I wrote for Disney (“Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale”) and one that really propelled Adam’s career. And if you enjoy “humorous look(s) at women in show business,” please check out the opening chapters of my memoir, An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood – How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House.” (

    A shameful plug, I realize it, but I have a hunch you might enjoy it.

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