Illustrations of My Favorite Quotes

Sharing two of my most favorite quotes of all time from Abdul Baha with some of my illustrations 🙂

Some of the biggest obstacles I have is trying to control what I say and don’t say. My mouth has a way of running away before my common sense catches up. I usually write letters to it saying ” Dear Foot in Mouth, thanks for getting me in trouble again. Definitely a way to clear the room, signed your Common Sense.

It’s really hard to discern this, and I always feel like no one is really listening to what I have to say so I keep talking until they do. This really is NOT the answer.

Having Faith
Sometimes it’s hard to know that what I am doing will make a difference, but that’s when you have to submit to a higher power and realize you have no control over these things not on our shortcomings but on our wondrous strengths

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