Fabric in Time : Poetry Blog

Ok, I am going to write my usual writing bits but my brain is a bit fuzzy today so I am going to share some of my poetry I have done throughout time. Bear in mind, some of these I wrote in my teens so they are kind of funny now. ( Teen angsty)

Ocean Tenerife

Age 16
The pencil
Free from hasty hand
Flew in unmarked lands
Wiggled words
That no one understood
Such was the beauty
That shone from the heavy lead
Fingers clasped to catch it
but it escaped their sweaty grasp
And the pencil traveled on.
Leaving grazing towers in it’s path
The Sun
Shielding it in rusty blues
Despite the smashing blood
And rivers of the blind
The pencil travelled on
Paint chipped
The shining lead almost gone
Body black from travel
Yet the pencil continues on

Dusty Sands

Steps forgotten in the creeping mist
Chunks of soulful peace
Golden spheres of light
Disappears in a wavering glaze
Leaving a sparkling path in the boasting sky
And wind falls before me
Leaving grains of dusty sand in my hair
My feet sink in deserted seas
Glowing in white tones
My dress falls in slithering
Dusty sands circling the bony insides
Cold grabs me in paralyzed white
Dusty sand pulling it tight
My lips call for water
Crashing in rumbling
Fiercely washing away the shadows,
Life to my dried body
The key to dusty sands
But there is only
The piercing cape of…
Dusty sands
Yet I clutch it in my fist
Letting it sift into my toes
And bloat in my heart
For perhaps i know
Triumph lay in the very essence
Of those dusty sands

Age 21
Moment mark the soul
Imprint their oily marks
On quiet horizons within
They make u smile
There are moments
Then there is a Moment
There are thousands of meaningless Moments
That one day looking back
In steely Rocking chairs
May become a moment
But most happen within a drop of sweat
A whiff
And it is gone

But the imprint, those oily marks
Stay there forever
And when you look at yourself in your hazy mirror
And see the old wizened eyes
Stare back at you like
Small hobbits
And the image scares you
This is
It is
A moment.


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