Celebrating The Beauty of Diversity

This week, I am dedicating my blog on the beauty of diversity.  Celebrating diversity means that we don’t have to just accept one set type of mindset, culture and taste. The world is so open to such a unique plethora and combinations.  Bear in mind, in celebrating beauty we should not see it from afar as if they are an exotic creäture. Difference races are fallacies, there is only one race and that is the human race. We are celebrating the diversity of US.


I remember when I was ten in Antigua Guatemala, an avid photographer saw a beautiful Quichua woman dressed in vibrant colors. She asked her to pose where the flowers were. But the way she talked to her was so condescending and removed, as if she was seeing a beautiful gazelle in the wild. 

We constantly make differences between others. Society teaches us that we are different, and thus we are not part of the same fabric. I was always surprised how the United States always asks what race someone is when applying for jobs or college. ( While I do understand the need for affirmative action and the reasons behind it, it seemed strange to me at the time..) It’s as if, we place these huge barriers between people based on how different they are.  We should embrace diversity, but we should also embrace humanity.  

Let’s take a song from a foreign land. Do we have to understand a song to appreciate it’s beauty? No. But we do recognize through listening to it that it comes from the same source… which is music. No matter how different the arrangements and instruments are , our brain still registers that something is musical. We respond spiritually at our core to that music. We might not understand the words, but we do understand the feeling it evokes. This is the same for the beauty of diversity and humanity. We might not understand all it’s aspects, but it does not take away from the fact that we are all human.

Here are some photographs and videos compiled on pinterest that allude to this theme : ( Thank you pinterest!)



The beautiful girls from Otavalo, Ecuador where I did a period of service

Beautiful spirit

It is my hope that these many rivers, each flowing along in diverse and separated beds, will find their way back to the circumambient sea, and merge together and rise up in a single way of surging oneness that the unity of truth, through the power of God, will make the illusory differences wash away.... " Baha'u'llah


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