The Effects of Excessive Individualism

When someone gets to college, when you are a teenager, before you get married ( bachelor parties) we are taught that the rite of passage is excessive hedonism at the cost of other individuals. We are taught that we ” only live once” and to be young and ” free ” to experiment before we get ” tied down”

Another example is through an artist’s depiction to be so excessively to be so unbridled in the freedom to express at the cost of other’s wellbeing. When we are surrounded by a sense that we should care about ourselves above anyone else.
On a contradictory note, we are also taught the paradigm of blindly following the status quo. The media teaches us suffocating collectivism to think a certain way, to be a certain way to have a certain fashion and mindset. It makes us believes we are individuals but we are really just part of the status quo. We are taught to accept things as normal…

If you watch MTV with an honest eye and compare it to five years ago, you are shocked at the graphic imagery portrayed, and we are forced as a collective to accept this. We are force fed ideas by our society without properly investigating the effect this has on our collective identity. We do not take responsiblity for things, but rather see things in terms of isolated events. We yearn acceptance from our peers so we no longer try to break free from these ideals.

In consuming media, about how we can just graciously accept that our only answer to solving problems is to consume. The society as a whole , despite pertaining to collective freedoms, does not react well when it goes adverse to what they are promoting.

We are taught in school that we can only be succesful through competition. We are taught in life that we should go to work, get a job , get a family and be part of the system. If we go against this we are being irresponsible, naive and backward. This suffocating collectivism causes us to impede our own sense of self and judgement and moral character.

All of these things block individual expression and ideas, block our sense of empowerment of doing things for ourselves, blocks us as a society to work as a collective unit, blocks our sense of wellbeing and our sense of trying to unite as a collective whole .

I firmly believe in the power of that at our core, we are all spiritual beings , and we must begin to care for all of us, we must constantly seek to know things without forcing on each other’s ideals. By celebrating diversity, we can create significant change. All of this is an organic process of growth for which we experiment and find methods , we reflect and continue to take action to find ways for significant growth.

This all sounds excessively intellectual. But it means that in our everyday life, we need to find ways to prefer others before ourselves and to constantly try and find new solutions to things, instead of blindly accepting paradigms.
…every day we are growing and learning new branches and facets of how to create a better society. It’s pretty amazing.


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