The Remedy to Hate is Love

The best remedy for hate is love for hate is the absence of love!
Abdul Baha
Strive day and night that animosity pass away from the hearts of men

This is seemingly, a very simple concept. But it is the hardest thing for us as human beings to comprehend. Hate doesn’t exist! It is only the absence of love! Darkness is only the absence of light! Sometimes the most complex of ideas are seemingly simplistic.

My junior youth asked me this on Wednesday. How do I love someone who is mean to me? How to be selfless and serve others when there are people different from me? We opened up our books and this came up

Prefer thy neighbor before thyself.

I guess that’s the answer. But it is so hard isn’t it?

Girls asking about hate and love in Santa Tecla, El Salvador

One thought on “The Remedy to Hate is Love

  1. Hi Mary Ann
    These pictures have a strong message. I will go even farther and say the key to life is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Perfect love knows no fear of anyone and it changes the world.
    Keep up the good work with your kids.

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