The Last Time I Ran with the Rain

The rain fell on my face. I could taste the sweetness of it in my tongue. I raised my arms to the sky and looked defiantly at the still harsh sun. At first the fat drops fell silently and slowly but then they fell to the ground in faster strokes until the dust rose suddenly from the earth. The smell rose from it , newly awakened and fresh. Pretty soon my skin was cold and clammy and I could smell the sweetness from my pores arising high to the sky to meet with all the other things and smells.

And there, grinning madly, my hair pasted deliciously to my scalp; my Cabbage Patch Yellow shirt stuck like a skin I had the moment of Perfect Freedom. There were few of those moments even in my childhood but this was one of them. I did not have to be worried about Adults or What Will They Say or What if I Get Sick. I possessed no fear. I did not know the dangers of men lurking in the corners to watch my second skin. Nor did my shirt poke out with breasts that would annoyingly stick through my shirt like chains making me use large sweaters to cover them up with gangly arms.

How was I to know this was the last time? On some level, I knew how unique the situation was, my shoes swimming in the puddles as I sang with the raindrops. I was there, with animals and greens and blues and World. I had never been so in touch with myself.

Later on would come the doubts. Later I would lose the ability to be absolutely overjoyed in One Situation. I would doubt it. Later I would think I looked stupid. Later would be parties-boys- clothes-pimples- darkness- doubt.

But there… in that moment, nothing of that existed. I placed my plastic raincoat on with white umbrellas I gave the last salute to the roaring sky I told myself : ” I should do this again sometime “.

Of course I never did. And inside there is always a desire to go back and run with the rain but by then growth had caught up with me.

Photograph by Sasha Shahidinejad , the eyes of innocence

Edit : I wrote this at age 20, since then I have ran with the rain again , in London where you really have no choice as it is such an intrinsic part of the weather there 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Last Time I Ran with the Rain

  1. I love it.
    This spoke to me.
    There’s too much that gets destroyed as you get older. And even if you make a conscious effort to preserve it, it’s never the same again. I suppose that’s what makes innocence so precious, how temporary and fleeting it really is.

    1. I am glad you loved it! I think we need to cherish every stage we are in, but usually we are so desperately looking back or forward we do not live in the present. But innocence is such a precious and fleeting thing, I can only hope that sometimes the magic will come back

  2. I love the freedom that you expressed in you writing. I was there with you in the rain. I love when an author paints a visual picture for me. Well done.

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