Denying yourself

While I was still in Spain, I met a guy who studying medicine who was from Ecuador.  He came from a rich family – something I can clearly spot a mile away being a byproduct of private school upbringing and he said something that was clearly so nauseatingly wrong it stopped me in my tracks.

“You know Maryam,  I hate it when people associate me with all these damn Ecuadorians here. I am not like them, they are all ignorant, and stupid and deserve all the prejudice that come their way.  Spain is just so vastly superior….”

And there you have it, one of my biggest pet peeves.  The type of person who denies where they are from, and their “people”and is under a Eurocentric notion that  somehow if they do this they will be accepted into that little circle of privilege that has been denied to them.

This has a farther reach than we believe is possible. Because this very notion, that somehow Europe and the United States and whiteness is superior becomes entrenched in the country’s psyche.

El Salvador is a small country,  a country tarnished by war and bloodshed, but has great hidden gems in it. But it is a country riddled with the notion that somehow “outside”is better, and that El Salvador has nothing to offer. This contributes to a vicious cycle…

To deny the problem, to try to blend in, is something that is created by an Other dichotomy which I do not understand.  Denying such an intrinsic part of yourself is so painful and harmful…


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