Occupy World : A lot of slogans but not a clear message

Around the world, there are a series of protests that are going on about the current state of capitalism. However, the lack of a coherent viewpoint other than ” This is bad” and ” They are evil” is what makes some of these efforts, while educational, essentially fruitless.
I was in Madrid when the !5M Movement went on. The whole center of Sol looked like it was in a scene from apocalypse now. There were a lot of people wanting purpose, but essentially the atmosphere was divisive as it lacked a clear vision of what they wanted. They were fed up but they were leaving this fate to an unknown source. That’s probably why the movement fizzled out and there is not a clear idea of where they want to go… without a clear vision, and a divisive standpoint, nothing really gets done.
These occupy world protests seem to hve the same thread. They are fed up… sure. They want jobs, they want more equality… they elude to the banks as this big bad separate entity, when in reality it’s the whole system which is fault not just one ( albeit a powerful one) component.
What really do we accomplish with loud protests? It serves a purpose. The civil rights movement, the womens movement, all of those were made in this style. But there has to be a way- and I am not sure how- that we stop seeing the ” Us Vs. Them” and where we stop thinking that every solution will come economically.
If the whole world were economically sound, we still would have a lot of problems. The world is collapsing because we base all our decisions on material means. Material means are only a way to progress towards something else, and without that clear understanding I don’t think we will get very far.
True change comes when we educate everyone around us, when we start seeing people as members of a community and develop a true compassion and desire to serve . Once we see everyone as one human body and not tattered elements of our individual selves then we are much more likely to succeed.
I have no idea of the answer to these things, I don’t think anyone does. But we must know that it is something much deeper than lack of employment. It comes from a deeper core and until we address this we will not have any permanent solutions.

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