Every Man An Island, But How about Making a Bridge?

So I was thinking about the course I was taking in fundaec and how we spoke about unfettered individualism, and I started to think of that idea that every man is an island.
Full of ideas, full of promise, but at times celebrating the great feature of the indivdual.
The United States emblem says ” land of the free” … and we take this as a way to express our own free desires. We become, essentially an island. So breaking apart that island is really painful. How does my actions have consequence on other people?

If you think of the metaphor of the kicked dog. The businessman yells at his secretary, the secretary yells as the janitor, the janitor yells at the wife, the wife yells at the dog.. the dog bites the businessman.This an extreme example of anger, and our concepts of power. But let’s go a bit further… what happens when we choose to do nothing at all? when we just simply look the other way? What happens then?

There was a reality show on the other day , where one of the contestants chose to help the rest of the team and therefore did not get all of her cooking fully done. She was penalized for it…  The judge said ” You should help your teamates but you need to help yourself first”.

That’s where the dichotomy lies. We all help ourselves first.  And by ourselves, I mean us and those we love. But this is the very idealogy that gets into trouble.  It’s not an easy concept to grasp although it seems simple. It means getting out of our comfort zone and truly seeing what is best for everyone not just ourselves.

This does not mean we cannot be just to ourselves. But we should see that whatever our actions , it has great consequences.  We are in a society which teaches that up till the age of 23 , you should enjoy your youth have fun . We then teach that in order to continue to be happy we should get a good paying job. We should get married and have children.  If we have time, maybe we help other people.

But what does this mean and why do we buy into it? We do we think that we are alone? Why do we think that none of our actions do not have consequences? All human beings want to love,  which proves a point : We have a need to give love as well.


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