Fragmented Self : Unfettered Individualism

We say : As long as I live a good life, and pay attention to myself and my own I will do ok

We say : As long as I get through this day, and be happy that’s enough. As long as I work, get through the grind, and just survive that’s enough.

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But what if, just if, it isn’t enough. What if the world is unravelling around us and we just simply choose to ignore it. We can’t cope , we say. ” It’s not our problem” we say.   We fragment our realities, to survive, try to cope with these contradictory messages which tell us to lead good lives and just ignore, ignore , ignore. So we keep moving, we keep working, we keep ignoring.  It isn’t our problem. Yet, somewhere in the back of our minds, there is a nagging sensation.  Guilt? Maybe. Or maybe just a feeling that our lives are not totally worthwhile, that something is missing. So we consume, consume , consume. We work more hours. We love harder. Live harder. Plunge deep into the rat race. We are, in our world.

But we are not. We are not alone, and isolated. So we become trapped by our own dichotomies.

We teach our children moral ambiguity. We lack a specific direction. We say freedom is to consume yet it splits us apart. We don’t listen to others, we just tolerate them. We glorify our lives. And we sleep, we sleep, we sleep.

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But we are not One. We are , all part of an immense fabric of human existence so intricately connected that if one fails , so do we all. Is not the current economic failings, natural disasters, riots not a symptom of this?

Our sense of entitlement is wearing down the earth, we are all destroying ourselves. But there is hope. There is love. There is the power to change. There is the power to awaken our knowledge that we can all make small differences around us.

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