I am in the middle of the airport and for sport, I just looked to see on the amount of stuff that are in the airports. Seriously… it’s ridiculous.  And do we ever stop to think WHY we buy stuff at the airport and why we are so primed for it?
It’s like we have this pavlovian need to buy things when there is nothng to do.  We love to buy stuff. But do we ever stop to think where this goes and why we accumlate stuff? Why are we accumulating stuff just to have stuff?

My grandfather tells me everytime I come to visit on this cousin who keeps earning more and more money , as she is now a partner of the law firm she works for. I say : Good for her! I ask him though, why is this such a source of pride that we earn more money? Why are we earning more money? What is the purpose?

Don’t get me wrong. I love stuff. In fact, I am addicted to getting stuff. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. But do we ever really think of what is the purpose of getting an object? My mother, a scotswoman to the core always would t4ell me this : WHY are you getting five t shirts ? THINK before you buy something….

Not to say that there are those creatures who DO think of their purchases. Who make conscious decisions on what they buy and are not creatures of impulse.

The first thing that comes to mind when think of a wealthy man is someone who has a large income and a couple houses. We think of people shop in Gucci and Prada and have mink coats. But what if you can be wealthy on qualities and knowledge as well?

Think on it. If we accumulate knowledge, that is something which cannot become bankrupt… which cannot be controlled by trends, which will be neverending. We will always progress!
But money is not evil. It can do a lot of good. But I think we should start seeing as a channel to do something with it. Money has to flow. It has to enter into the system. It isn’t just my money it’s money that should benefit the society I am in.  And with that, I mean we can have balance. We think of our individual desires but we also think on how we can help the society we live in and not just our immediate family and ourselves.

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