Building Capacity


When something comes up we tend to blame the government, the education system, anyone but ourselves. We tend to never to take responsibility. So if we want to truly make a change, why are we expecting things that we need to do ourselves? If we empower the community , if we do things together then we can achieve amazing things! But it requires listening, not thinking we have all the answers only the right questions and truly truly becoming all part of one human body. If we believe that as a community we can truly change we can figure it out together.

My great aunts tell me of a time where people would come together for their neighbors, where people borrowed money and gave it back, where when there was a crisis people united and found ways to help… It seems like fiction almost in most places!  The next time our urge is to complain about the small parts or problems , just remember what can I do to help it? If I can’t I am only sending negative energy my way and end up feeling enraged and helpless. If we think of the things we can change around us, in our communities that’s making a far more significant change. Think of it! If a town of 100,000 people all decided to do small things in the town to change things, to help each other out… that’s 100,000 small changes everyday! And this can transform 100,000 more people… see what I mean? The solution to problems start from the ground up! If we just focus on small parts of the puzzle we miss our ultimate goal! Which is to cause a small change in those around us!



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