Pieces of Fragmented Self

Ocean Tenerife

The other day I had a dream, in the dream I was in a weird shaped room ( I was also a cartoon but that’s another story). I felt really alone. I was watching television, bored and aimless. Suddenly , in the distance I heard something next door. IT was a pounding of some kind … downstairs I started to hear someone clanging the pipes. On the door nearby i heard something else. All of a sudden the view became outside and I realized that the weird shaped building was actually a puzzle piece and I was an intrinsic part of it. Without my little puzzle piece the picture was incomplete, and I realized how interconnected the whole building was… we were all part of a complicated picture and it was beautiful.
I just got back from a seminar which explored this very notion. We are in a world which creates so many fragments of self we are never whole. We are told so many contradictory messages , that we are constantly contradicting ourselves. We are at war with what goes on in our homes and at work. We express contradictory values and messages. We speak of good will in schools at the same time we teach our children that the best worth has a price tag on it and you can only get there through competition. Kids go home and are taught by their parents the best they can but can only compete with overly sexualized media and a consumer culture. We are taught that if we lead ” good lives and don’t hurt anyone” that it’s enough. But the the truth is, it isn’t. We are, essentially intrinsically connected in ways that traverse far beyond the current horizon of human minds. Each gesture of good will, each smile, every way we connect every day makes me realize how interconnected we really are.
Fragmentation leads to a stagnation in creativity, a sense of isolation and stress. A sense of despair. We feel alone, inadequate and unable to cope. So how do we truly truly get wholeness? By admitting that we have a spiritual and material side. Just like our material self needs food, so does our spiritual side needs nourishment. We need to serve others, we need to keep acquiring qualities and we need to broaden our system of knowledge everyday. There is no reason we can’t acquire knowledge , know something everyday. Knowledge becoming a means to become better people. We tend to think the only valid knowledge is a scientific approach, but there are certain things that are spiritual in nature. When we embark on a journey to know the nature of generosity this is a spiritual pursuit, but so is even discovering all the marvels nature has to offer.
It’s hard to wrap my head around this one, so stay tuned. I don’t have the answer to this but I do know that I can’t keep moving along my life in fragments, nor can society. The london riots were a sign of relativistic morality , where teenagers stood for nothing and everything. I am willing to bet more than a few went home and kissed their mothers right after they had beated someone bloody and stole a television. This is only possible because they have fragmented selves. They can take out ” the bad” and only use it when it is convenient. They can easily not delve that their actions have consequences. All they probably thought is, they want a new sony playstation. They don’t think of the hard working shop owners, of the stress it caused the neighbors, and the havock of the city.One small action carries forth a series of dire consequences. And though our actions may be far less extreme , we all have our own version of the sony playstation, which in the long run makes things far more tragic.

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