The nature of family

The two new girls who are coming to my junior youth group have certainly been a challenge for me to know how I can understand them. Josefa, a hazel eyed Gypsy girl who can belly dance like no one’s business is 11 years old. Her cousin is the same age. Unlike their peers, their lives are quite different. I ask them what they want to grow up when they grow older. Most will answer extraordinary – and at times never realized- dreams of being a soccer player or singer or actress. Others want to be doctors. These two girls just shrugged. ” Get married by 15, have babies .” When I prodded some more, asking me what they were good at one said ” I am good at numbers… so maybe I could become a waitress”.
The fact that in three years time, they would be gone and sealed off forever to be married. Is this a bad fate? Is it wrong to want them to want more? If their family values this above all else, what other options could I give ?
It’s something I have pondered lately. On establishing new frameworks and patterns of their thinking . Perhaps even if they knew the possibility existed to become something else is enough, even if their lives end up the same.


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