The misadventures of a distracted traveller part 1

Having travelled as much as I have ( or as little, depending on who I talk to) I have had my fair share of adventures. Being that my life always takes an interesting turn I am sure people who travel with me find things to be entertaining and challenging. Don´t expect that going with me you will get to your destination, but be surprised if you happen to find a rainbow pop up in the corner. I am perhaps one of the unluckiest and luckiest people you will encounter. Some things happen because of my extreme aversion to time, others just simply happen. While I tend to just learn to go with the punches, those who are not used to this sort of thing can find it stressful. But be assured they will always remember it.

My First English Trip

It was my first forray into the English countryside by myself as I was doing a study abroad in Trinity College for the summer. Oxford was magical, even if my American counterparts decide to just simply stick to themselves. I decided to go to the English summer school with my friend Artemis. I don´t remember where we were headed, I imagine it was somewhere near surrey, but we spent the day at the summer school to go back that night. We did not notice the time as we strolled into the last train knowing we had to change stations somewhere. I don´t remember the station we needed to change, but I think it was something like Bank East . We got to Bank only to realize that we were in Bank West and not Bank East. We had no money and ten minutes to catch the train!
We tried to get a cab but they did not accept credit cards… and we were seriously contemplating just sleeping in the train station ( oh the stupidity of youth!!)
All of a sudden a voice popped from behind us. He had a welsh accent. He told us ” Well I can take you if you wish”. I don´t know if it was the frantic and pathetic nature of trying to catcvh the train to oxford that caused us to agree, but we did. He rushed us in his car, talking about his girlfriend and his intention to marry her someday. We barely listened and rushed into the station and barely got on the train. Literally five seconds and we would have missed it. We were staring at each other in amazement that we had accomplised this and were laughing like mad in the middle of the train. We sat down, two loud americans at the moment and gave our anecdote to the poor unknowing couple on the train.

That same trip I made a plane late for four hours, got onto a bus where my wallet had been stolen and a kindly woman gave me money, got two marriage proposals one by a dutch man another by an african, and met some famous mexican actors and directors in a small theatre in edinburgh

I can only summarize this experience as that of being a noob in Europe.

More travel bits to come soon…

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