With Practical Feet on Spiritual Paths

I have seen a certain look before. The type that says that the most spiritual person is the one who goes hungry and who lives with absolutely nothing. that we should not be bogged down by material means. They talk about colonialism, imperialism, of living off the land. There are also other types who talk about returning to their homeland and their blood and their true identity and things I probably know nothing about.
And most of these people who say those things most likely are rich who love the ideal of living without material things , of removing themselves to the bare essentials. They imagine a cool paradise where they fly towards the apex of salvation on spiritual wings.
But honey, you gotta eat. And you have to pay bills. And find work. Wherever you are.
To say that your life will be simpler living in tougher situations is naive. But, it can happen.
The most beautiful moments I can now remember consists of watching a sky full of starlight clear of the smoky air of the city, sleeping on the ground with three sleeping bags between two young girls. Walking up dirty paths up the long mountains without electricity and watching blue butterflies pop up out of nowhere. Yes, they are beautiful. But they were not beautiful at the time. It was miserable, and hot and sticky and messy.
It´s after the marathon where we can soak up the beauty.
We don´t have to fear money if we know that we are going to use it for practical things. We should not fear having goals which will help towards the betterment of the world. We need money, we need to study, we need to be part of the world for that to happen. But that doesn’t mean we have to become trapped by constantly buying things and consuming either.
It´s a balance.
As a child, I was always between two extremes. On the one hand, in the middle of the war in el salvador, there were certain products that were not always available. Chocolate m &m´s , certain kind of clothing, large televisions, electricity for days at a time, water for hours. Some things were taken away from you, but you appreciated them more when you obtained them for. You pasted the m&m wrappers on your trapper keeper because you thought they were so pretty. You liked your one gift for your birthday. You played monopoly for four days when there was a blackout. you found ways to be entertained. Then I would go to the states for holidays or Scotland and was showered with an excessive amount of things. My suitcase would brim over with them toppling one on top of the other. Two sides of the fence, on one country there were kids who had rooms full of toys that they did not open for a year, on the other one toy was considered a huge deal. On one the excessive use of water and electricity and on the other, it was scarce. It was enough to do a kid´s head in.
Nowadays, in El Salvador when children were not born into the war, they have all this chocolate they can get their hands on, everyone owns a mobile and things are more accessible. But where are the children just biking in a carefree way around the street without playing video games?How is it possible that I, a child who grew up in the middle of a war zone, was far more innocent than kids exposed to all the television and internet around them? How insane is that?!
In a way, we must be practical, we must live our lives as best we can and know to try and have a balance. That´s the hardest thing of all


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