It´s been awhile…

So much has changed in my life. It´s been a crazy ride. It started last December. My family decided to move to El Salvador, all of a sudden my life changed. I knewq that I could not be in the comforting environment of my home..but where to go?
I looked at this neighborhood in getafe madrid, figuring that it was probably the best option. But the moment I set foot here I was encountering problem after problem. I had prayed fervently to God, asking Him to please polish my character, to create new change that I fervently needed. Boy, did I not expect this one!
What has happenbed can be summed up on an incident that happened two months ago. I was about to go into the shower. It was a weird half moon shaped shower. It was my first week in Madrid. All of sudden I tried to close the shower and the door broke into millions of tiny pieces showering me with glass. If i moved too quickly I would be completely drenched in blood and cuts so I was still. The floor was covered with glass. It seemed like I had nowhere to go.
The first week I got to my apartment I had to move out, as my roomate did not want me there. I was also having some other problems which I can´t discuss much here.
The first week I came to Getafe was when I met my junior youth. Like me, they have a really long road to go. They spend their days in the park doing idle things, spray painting the park with junk, trashing the park and just causing general mayhem. And here I go, trying to establish a relationship with them. They eye me with distrust. What does this person want? Why is she talking to us? I remember speaking with a group and I told them we should clean the park. They looked at me as If i were nuts. then one of them said ” Well, to be honest we are the ones who mess it up the most..:” And I said “” Oh! So what can you do about that?” And they said Well we can pick things up more.
And that´s how things are, breaking apart our paradigms, our preconceived notions of what we should be or do. Every day that the jy see me they run up to me, ask questions want to be around. They see that I care. They try to shock me by saying rude words and trying to act tough. but there I am, trying to be their friend. An older woman passed by once and said ” You guys are trash, you are nothing, like pigs”
It shocked me. After all the reason why these kids are acting up is because no one really believes in them. They need to feel empowered. I told them “you aren´t nothing. YOu are EVERYTHING. You can change the world! ” They looked at me as if I were nuts. But I wonder if it sunk in even a little
There is one boy who always makes fun of what we are trying to do but is always near us anytime we talk about it. He is asking questions, he honestly wants to be around this. I was thinking about how much thyey have to combat in order for them to be there.
When I went to the park this friday the kids were there but the police were there too. They had put vhs tape all over the park and it was riddled with broken casettes and ribbons. The jy were nowhere to be seen. When an older man came up and said ” these guys are nothing, they do nothing… this is for civilized people not them! ”

It just bothered me. I know because, I was those kids. I was told I could do no good, and would not get anywhere in life. I had teachers who would make me stand in front of the class so they list what is wrong with me. Enough is enough! These kids are worthwhile ! So I marched up to the jy some of which we hadn´t spoken much before and said hey let´s pick all this up. At first they didn´t know what to say but then they carefully tried to pick it all up. They started to have fun… it was interesting to see the change in them
Like me, these jy are from everywhere and nowhere. They are hungarian, romanian, ecuadorian, morrocan, spanish. They all are trying to find a place in the world.
Now within one week I have to find another place to live. I don´t know if things will work out. But how can I leave these jy? I don´t know what to do but I do believe that there has to be hope.


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