What’s a TCK?

TCK stands for third culture kid.   It implies those kids who were uprooted , or are extremely multicultural. It is a term coined by a popular book called ” Third Culture Kids : The Experience of Growing up among worlds”.

Kids move for different reasons, some because they are missionary kids, or children of diplomats, others because they have military families. Unlike a lot of misconceptions, many TCK’s grow up a with a heightened sense of the world and an extreme sense of adaptability in any situation.  TCK”s find themselves incredibly adjusted to other worlds and languages. In fact, being different and being uprooted seem utterly normal to them.

TCK, for me, as the world gets increasingly smaller is an incredible blessing. It makes you see the world as endless, but yet in a tragic way in some ways you can never be totally a part of it. The studies about TCK’s are incredible, and hopefully I can share them in this blog.


3 thoughts on “What’s a TCK?

  1. just found your site – look forward to exploring to see your thoughts on TCKs. i work with TCKs in china (and visit another group in cambodia). their situation is perhaps complex but the world is open to them in a special way.

      1. a few of us just started a blog if you’re interested. we’re focussing mostly on people who work with TCKs, so understanding them and how to reach them most effectively is a big topic for us. i’d love to hear any thoughts you have!

        oh yeah, the blog is http://youthnasia.wordpress.com

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