The TCK Itch

My feet keep wandering from the ground. I itch to see other horizons, to feel the wind on my skin and taste something different . It is a habit of mine, to always seem to not conform to where I am, to remain unanchored.

I wonder why, but the fact is, I am a TCK at heart. I might be even a more stable one. We are resurfacing everywhere in the world and we aren’t going anywhere. We are third culture kids. We get around , and know airports probably better than our cousin’s home.

To feel normal is to feel uprooted, and different. I feel despair when I am not moving. I need to see new things, and to feel alive by doing it. For a TCK, the question Where are you from? Become an eternal answer. People feel compelled for detailed information and no answer fully satisfies them.

You are always going to be the odd man out but somehow you feel more comfortable that way. You are, and always will be, between worlds.

3 thoughts on “The TCK Itch

  1. i can totally relate, i’m a tck too, often feel that way.
    have you ever met other tcks? i always feel normal when i’m with them, like i’m finally home or something

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